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Nov 28, 2012 7:30pm PST
class, which is hey in the united states if we are looking at this social environment, if anything those factors are going to contribute to more and more diversity. so it's a real, real difficult question, how we relate to new religious movements? how, labeling is not the term i am really looking for but how we understand them in relationship to other people rather, maybe we are talking about a continuum. maybe we don't say sect and cult but we have sort of a continuum of tension, as janet pointed, out with the dominant species that is concerned about the - about resources. and that's a good point. yes, susanna? >> but when you go up to that temple and i haven't been there for probably two or three years now so i am a little fuzzy. but what i remember is the beauty of course of the grounds and the building. but then the videos that you see do contribute to, a bit i thought to his, misconception that it is a joining of all faiths. because in the building, they give space to other great faiths, they give histories of other great faiths. and i came away thinking that possibly it was t
Nov 29, 2012 11:30am PST
eye and maybe one day intercede between humans and their sometimes-olent environment. narrator: in the subregion of latin america called "southern south america," the country of chile is also threated by volcanoes and earthquakes. but here, pacific rim dynamism is more about economics than plate tectonics. 2,500 miles long and averaging just 90 miles wide, this elongated state spans a diverse range of natural environments. each of those environments offers opportunities for primary econom activy. each of those environments based on those activities, chile has grown a dynamic export economy. that growth has brought numero changes tohile's hum geography, incling gend rol and settlent patterns. chile's capil,antiago, is the cenof tountry's service sector, the largest partf its economy. ers inoun amic santthe resultingeupe populn tof mostly spanish colonization over several centuries. but more recently, chile'sthe prary stant foreign connecto the osideorwith europe. are best seen here, in valparaíso, chile's largest port. foreign trade is a cornerstone of the new economy, and most of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2